The exercise of contemplating discovers correspondences and also singularities, attentive abstraction allows us to glimpse how the universe operates harmoniously while each of its parts breaks down, and each wave is one.

Although it rhymes incessantly with others within the same tide. Memory is a worn tapestry that covers our past. Although the rust of subjective time loosens its edges, certain scenes remain fixed in our imagination.

A memory of Alejandra evokes the tiles in her grandmother’s bathroom, a white surface with blue patterns that multiply within that jurisdiction governed by soapy aromas and small water fountains. Tiles, tiles, grids, patterns that the eyes follow until they open the closed circuit.

From his other grandmother, she inherits bromeliads, the duty to watch over the plants; as the days go by, they climb up his work like vines. The paintings grow by the action of light and water through a process of subtractions, additions and incisions.

Alejandra is carried away by obsessive drives that are liberating, she responds to the call of a figure that summons her, to that of a garden that invites her to observe it for a long time. Without fear of the infinite successions that nature entails, she re-builds her home with the themes that persist.

× Tilsa Otta