Painting is a guide in my work, it is what directs me to a destination that is not forward in the future, but inward in the present. I build from his own language of form, light and color experiences that only painting allows us to experience, and from there to think and feel. As in the fugue, a musical genre in which the composer uses the overlapping of melodic ideas through polyphony between various lines of instruments, to build a structured development of the exposed themes, he uses geometric shapes and chromaticism to create compositions that question our perception of depth and space. The formats are not capricious or random, but also contain in their own nature the physical and mental process of realization. It motivates me as an artist to generate intimate and human experiences, and it is in large formats where I trust the experience makes sense, where the viewer is immersed in the work, just as we dialogue with nature. In counterpoint I decided to exhibit small works as a prelude, or light and spontaneous reflections that allow us to know a little more about the essence from which the rest of the pieces start. Without further ado, I wish those who visit this exhibition that this experience can be a small contribution to the way in which we contemplate the world that surrounds us, which is constantly speaking to us in thousands of different languages.

× David Petroni, Buenos Aires / Lima, 2023