Eclipses always occur in an intermoon, a time when we cannot see the Moon from our planet because it is aligned in conjunction with the Earth and the Sun, two sources of light that battle on the same body.

Carla Grunauer alludes with humor and romanticism to disenchantment and telluric nostalgia for a lost ideal. His imaginary goes through different circular themes around fantasy, the eroticism of bodies, their decadence and some monstrous psychology stories related to trauma.

On this occasion, the artist invites us to immerse ourselves in her Interlunio series (2023), a monochrome pictorial universe of nocturnal palettes, between gray and bluish, which contrasts with light traces of chlorine outlined in black. The chemical trace left by the chlorine on the surface of the cloth is transformed into a graphic outline that documents and retains the appearance of a random and spectral shape that brings from its origin the notion of accident.

The atmosphere of these works brings reminiscences of a broken world, of altered states between insomnia and hallucination whose theme is the perplexity of the look in front of what remains on, what cannot be disconnected. These scenes narrate the drifts of bodies in transition that fluctuate between a human and machine figuration without hierarchy.