Nostalgias Blandas invites us to contemplate the daily universe of Julieta Beltrán from the sensitive lens of Tenderness. This focus on the tangible world can perhaps be read as a combative tactic (defense, containment, resilience) against the excessive violence that shakes Mexico; the intrinsic sordidness of migratory processes and the Myths of Progress, or perhaps of the antiquated precepts that pigeonhole youth in projects with no future.

This tenderness is spinning a secret poem to a faceless lover. Go to sleep with a notebook of cloth full of longing in his arms. Embroider a longing in pastel colors, assemble altars of our loves zooming in on their beautiful hands. Bland Nostalgia is the paradise through which he who conquers his world from isolation transits; is to meet with the external versions of ourselves that our environment offers us and make them a ball in the soul to elevate it to infinity.

We are presented with the possibility of daring to discover and imagine an endless number of scenarios intimate, of female and family complicity; of the erotic voluptuousness that exists in the simplicity and sincere colors that daylight gives us. Like a generous window, each canvas proposes a setting through its delicate glazes – before coincidentally digital, today converted into personal oil painting milestones.

× Alina Zevallos