Renzo Pittaluga: Director
Jimena Bedoya: Creative Director

NOW: is a cultural space that supports emerging artists with like-minded visions, with the aim of giving back to the art scene by creating community. 

In the gallery we see forms in constant movement, geometric expressions that emerge from color and light, pieces that converse with each other, creating a space intervened by objects that transcend the physical plane.

Through the exploration and development of artistic practices within the contemporary and alternative, a dialogue is created between national and international artists. His work is understood within the same context: organic and inorganic forms that coexist in perfect harmony, imitating the experience we live in the city, al​so contemplating part of the pre-existing nature.The founders of the gallery, Renzo Pittaluga and Jimena Bedoya, are committed to diversity and a young art that is not governed by conventional structures.