The first solo show of the multidisciplinary artist Alonso Mujica presents extensive research on chemical phenomena in photosensitive supports. From the science and curiosity, combining in his process formulas high precision, temperature variations and minute chronometry, explores in these images the manifestation of an invisible life and the reproduction of a new biology.

The finds are impressive: recondite colors that dilate the pores of our imagination, atmospheres futurists that envelop us in their primordial plasma, landscapes and geographies that renew our perspective.

BIOGÉNESIS proposes a work system that eliminates the camera almost completely from the photographic process and focuses the gaze on the minimum depths of matter. A scientific method in the search to record and enhance the mysterious fullness of the universe that surrounds us. As a need and impulse, as a climax and delirium. In a historical context of great migration towards digital metaverses, we show an exploration that reconsiders what fits in the concept of photography. As a critical reflection on the visual expressions of the consumer society, we witness an extraordinary journey back to the old paradigm, an act of symbolic resistance where the artist raises an organic image as the antithesis of death and affirmation of life.

× Rafael de Orbegoso