The membrane that divides man between his role as artisan and as contemplator is located in the direct encounter with nature. This entity serves the one who observes it in silence as an infinite temple. Through the look, the breath and the conscious will to engage in it, a contact with the Divine is born within the spectator. Escaping the city, chasing the sun to warm our skin, walking in the direction of a silent forest to magnify our thoughts: this also constitutes a search for the Sublime.

Part of the human yearning to be free in nature finds its peak when contacting phenomena once considered miraculous, staining their encounter fantastic tone. Albo’s solo show proposes us to search for and persevere in a phenomenon that perhaps we will never let’s witness The singular moment that is glimpsed in his work is a vehement possibility and in many opportunities, elusive. The light phenomena represented are magnified in the improbability of their meeting, at the end of a route full of beauty, uncertainty and astonishment. This ancient and endless search for an improbable phenomenon drives us to the gardens remnants of the primitive past. An arrow whose only north is the possibility of witnessing its existence: an encounter between a physical body and a metaphysical one.

× Alina Zevallos

With the support of Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics