The canvas has become a lake. Pink pigments have been diluted and water currents generated through motion and gravity. I immerse myself in the abstract images that happen before me. poetic imagination of water.

Evaporation has taken over the pictorial process. The paint has cracked, it has superimposed in layers that make its materiality emerge. I am dazzled by the visual beauty of the light that makes color present. Poetic imagination of fire.

The machine becomes an artist and the painter’s hand has emerged as robotic. paint with complex height has become possible thanks to technology. I rise above the rendered landscape of a place outside the topos, utopian or dystopian. Poetic imagination of the air.

The floor has been covered in salt. The crunch of footsteps looks back down, I am no longer the eagle but the earthly serpent and like Atlas, I hold the celestial vault on my shoulders. Poetic imagination of the earth.

In Greek, arché is the ultimate principle. Parmenides’ philosophy postulated four: water, fire, air and land. Aristotle added a fifth, the Aether. ontologically ruled out by paradigms later scientists, shares the ambiguity of his existence with the experience lived after inhabit Vilabelda’s proposal. I have faced the uncertainty of their images to, eventually, reveal the immanence of the imagined in the real.

Ethereal are the certainties of our world and Common Ground, the magenta landscape of our was.

× Verónica Guerrero